Monday, June 8, 2020


And, to think, there was a time when I wanted no pink in my gardens!  Now, I can't seem to have enough!  I am really going to miss these beautiful foxgloves when they are gone, and I am sure the bees will too.

The hummingbird garden is delighting me, as well as the little hummers that visit it every day.  Bee Balm or Monarda is a favorite of mine and is just now starting to bloom.  The flowers, with quilled and ruffled petals,  remind me a great deal of  the Burpeeana Zinnia which will soon be blooming.  I do hope some of them will be red...and maybe even pink!

The hummingbirds are very active now at the feeders, and seem to be happy with their new backyard accommodations.  (You may remember that we moved them off the front porch because they were driving the husband crazy."  He said the noise they made was deafening!  Really?  And,  I could hardly hear them!)

We sometimes go inside the Shanty and watch the little birds through the window.  They can put on quite a show, you know.

We haven't done anything more inside the Shanty.  I am resisting doing anything more until we put panels on the walls.   Maybe when the hummingbirds leave this fall, we can throw open the door and go to work.

Take care, and thanks for stopping by!