Monday, July 13, 2020

Shaggy Zinnias and Early Morning Walks...

July is when the shaggy zinnias are doing their best to brighten our summer days.  Well, I must say, they certainly are doing their job well.   I am especially fond of the pinks and reds, and the bees and butterflies seem to agree. 

July is the month when my walking year begins.  This past week, Millie and I celebrated another walking anniversary. It has now been three years (1,095 days) since we have missed a day of walking over our hillside trail. These hot days, we head out first thing in the coolness of early morning when the birds are still singing and our steps are lively and quick...well, at least Millie's are!

July is a month for harvesting hay.  There has been ample rainfall this year, so the yield is looking good so far.  I do enjoy the work, for the tractor I drive has a very good air conditioner and an air-ride seat. 

Earlier, I removed a lot of overgrown plants in many of the beds and gave them all fresh new looks.  It required a lot of digging and shoveling, but it sure was worth the effort.  I was so happy to check that one off the to do list. 

And, just this past week, I was able to check off another big job. Thirty years ago, I mixed up paste, measured and cut, and put wallpaper up in my kitchen.  Now, thirty years later, it is gone!   Soaked and scraped, cleaned and sanded, ~ not even a smidgen of that old paper remains.  The walls are now freshly painted with a nice clean coat of paint called Jersey Cream.~ just perfect for the kitchen. 

The hummingbirds have already started to drink in earnest at the feeders.  They are now consuming more than a gallon of sweet nectar a day.  I am seeing a few small birds which are, undoubtedly, this year's young.  They will need lots to eat between now and their great migration.  I expect there will be six more weeks of heavy feeding.  I hope to have them all fat when it is time for them to go!

And, last...  I have been asked about the dolls.  Well...  they are still waiting in their cans.  I have actually added tiny amounts of clay here and there since this picture was made, so there has been some additional progress.  Right now, it is all about getting a pleasant expression on each sweet little face.  I can already recognize each one without looking at the name labels.  I love them all ~ no favorites!

Take care, and enjoy your July, for it is going fast.  The days are already growing shorter!