Friday, November 13, 2020

Dolls And A Million Crunchy Leaves...


It wasn't but a mere three days ago that this was the morning view.  It looked as though the whole world might be celebrating this wonderful time of year.  But, this morning there certainly "wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago."  For the past few days those millions of beautiful leaves have been raining down in a storm of falling leaves leaving millions  on the ground through which Millie and I walk.  It is a crunchy trek up that old trail these days, for sure.  Every forest critter certainly knows, way in advance, that some pilgrim is coming their way, so they are long gone by the time we get there.  

Well, here they are.  The clay is finished...finally! And, thank goodness!  What was I thinking when I decided to do all five of these together?  Why that would wear down the bravest soul.  They are getting awfully tired of living in those old cans, but there will be no getting out for a long while yet.  It will be a happy reunion for these dear friends when they all have been painted and dressed in  their fine new frocks.   

I have tried to refrain from choosing a favorite for, like any mother, I love all my children.  However, I am especially pleased with Maggie Rose Gunderson, who seemed, for a long while, that she was destined to be the Ugly Duckling of the entire lot.  I struggled with that, for it just couldn't be, for she was named after Robert Mitchum's mother, Ann Harriet Gunderson, who was a Norwegian immigrant and a sea captain's daughter.  (One can only imagine, the stories she could have told.)  

The other dolls' names were just figments of my imagination, except for Linnie Ruth Butts who is named for my great great grandmother.  Her name was, however, Lucretia.

Jubilee Anice Cliff was the first doll I created, so she's kind of special as having been the inspiration for the others.  She is second from the right next to Linnie Butts on the end. 

Jillie Leone Cooper gave me lots of trouble, which wasn't her fault, but mine.  The sculpting just went way wrong and I could never correct it, even though I tried and tried.  I finally just made a new head for her, so she has had to struggle to keep up with the others.  She is the first one on the left, and seems so happy to have finally joined the others.  

And, last there's Riata Elizbeth Millwright.  What a name!  By the time she came along, I was worn to a frazzle and really didn't want to touch another ball of clay.  I don't feel like I know this doll much.  She just is...  She is pictured in the center.  She may, however, end up being the prettiest doll of the group.  And, the sweetest.  I am looking forward to getting to know her.   

Now, I am going back out to clean more windows.  Those micro-fiber cloths Happy One wrote about are definitely the only way to go when it comes to cleaning glass.