Friday, February 18, 2022

365 Days and Counting...


It's a special day here on the hill for Millie and me.  We are celebrating another year of walking the trails without missing a day.  We just take one day at a time, step by step over the hills and across the meadows, then mark the calendar.  This date reads 365 walks, written in red.  It is worth remembering and recording here.

My weeks of semi-hibernation ended last week.  It was marvelous, and I accomplished much.   It had been my intention to not leave the farm at all during that time, but a couple of trips for food supplies seemed necessary.  I could have made it fine with what was on hand, but Dan thought we should go.  We will work on being better prepared next year.

With all of that behind us, I had a yearning this week to get out and about, which we did one day.  It wasn't any surprise that I found something for the shanty - a desk from which I can write and watch the birds.  I even have a good view of the garden which, hopefully, will soon be coming to life.  

The desk is a bit shabby chic, which isn't my style, but it was sturdy and fit the space perfectly. I could always strip off the paint or paint over it.  I had also been needing a place for two old canvas decoys that I once fell in love with.  They seem happy here.

When rearranging the shanty, I realized that I now had space for more seating, so I brought in a bench from the porch.  There is now space for five inside the Shanty and for two on the porch.   

Dried Zinnias from last year's garden still brighten up the Shanty. I am amazed that they are still so colorful.  I think my little tea party friends are going to enjoy our next gathering here when springtime and warmer weather decides the time is right.


I also have a new challenge going on (as though I needed another.)  It is a 365-day sewing challenge that I have pledged myself to.  I haven't missed a day of that since Jan. 1.  I am on a roll and enjoying tiny tucks and ruffles and lace for the girls.  I will be posting more of this work over at Linnie Butts & Co. when I finish a piece I am currently working on.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

A Good Fire and a Birthday...


The winter storm has come and gone.   With the cold, there came a mixture of freezing rain, sleet and snow which now lays in a solid layer on the ground.  Trekking over the hill required some careful planting of the feet, for sure, but the Mill and I made it fine.  That was our 350th day since last February's snowstorm that kept us off the trail.  Millie made sure there would be no repeat of that this year. :~)   She keeps me honest.  (Dan did roughen up the trail a bit by driving ahead in his side-by-side.)

I pulled my gloves off to get a couple of shots of these shaggy beasts.  These were enroute to the pond for water.  

We were happy to get back inside to a warm fire.  I am always reminded of Ten Bears in one of my favorite movies, "Dances with Wolves."

"He only smiled and talked of simple pleasures.  He reminded me that at his age a good fire is better than anything."  

Tomorrow is Millie's birthday!  Actually, it is the anniversary of the day we brought her home from the animal shelter.  It's hard to imagine that she is already six years old.  I don't want her to ever grow old.  I have so loved and enjoyed this young, intelligent, energetic and oh-so-agile walking partner of mine.   

When these Australian shepherd mix pups showed up in our local paper as the Pet of the Week, we just knew we had found the pup we had been looking for.  When, that same day, we went to the shelter to see Millie, it was love at first sight.  I did not ask to see her brother, but I think he had already been adopted.  

I have about a zillion pictures of my sweet girl, so it was hard to pick a few favorites.  

Our very first trip to the pond...

Many trips later...

Millie's first snow...

Happy Birthday, Millie!  (Will you ever share the story of why you and your sweet brother were

tossed out on a county road on that cold Christmas Eve.  Did the two of you chew up the

family's Christmas tree and all the presents?)

She did love to chew on things, and once even chewed the wiring under our truck so it had to be taken in for repairs.  She won't talk to me about things like that, but we do have some good long talks about girl stuff.