Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Trails and Paths We Walk...


Millie and Me ~ Our everyday hill....

Some days, it seems steeper than on others...

And longer too...

Millie and I, by ourselves, have been gathering up old brick pavers and laying them down where rough old creek rocks formerly served as pavers.  We really had to watch our steps on the rocks when carrying a load of hummingbird feeders this summer.  Who wants another broken wrist?  Everyone who sees these, including a certain old cow puncher, looks at us with new respect.  We love it!  

The curvy path in the corner garden was a bit of a challenge because I didn't want to saw halves and quarter bricks, but after several trials and errors, I was satisfied.  The rock edging is made from the rough old creek rock pavers so you can imagine how difficult it was to walk on them.

We have been noticing so many beautiful webs that some fine ladies have been weaving here on the hill.  Over and under, round and round they go...  We are careful not to disturb them.  We loved the raindrops that collected on this one.  And, we loved the rain too! 

I hope you are having a wonderful October.  It is going way too fast, though, don't you think?  Thank you for stopping by. Take care! 



Saturday, October 2, 2021

Looking to the Sky...

Here on the hill, we look at the sky a lot, both day and night.  Many of my iPhone pictures are of  spectacular  clouds and amazing sunsets, but never of constellations...until now.  I would never have dreamed of being able to capture such a beautiful picture with just a simple phone camera.  Can you see the constellation, and if you can, are you able to tell what it is?  A clue might be that we are facing northward.   

This picture was taken one evening at our son's poultry farm.  I thought it was quite wonderful too.  We are facing east in this one.

And here, we are facing westward where we enjoy so many beautiful sunsets.  Late evening is a great time of day to be sitting on the porch. (Or out doing chores.)


And now here's an update from the last post.  The mamma cow never changed her mind about the twins.  She wanted only one calf to raise, so we had to take over the job.  It is doing well and loves its bottle.  It is already spoiled and wants to be our pet.  Millie thinks the calf is her charge to look after and watches after it like a good stock dog should, but we are careful not to let her into the pen with it.  Sometimes she seems a bit jealous of it when I am doing the feeding.    

We are looking at jackets over on my sewing blog, Linnie Butts and Company, if you would care to take a look.  Last week we updated the sewing room, so you can find that there too.