Saturday, January 30, 2021

February, here we come...


This morning, Millie and I were almost to the pond when the first raindrops began to pitter pat on our umbrella.  Not long after, but after we had made our way back home, a steady rain began to fall.   I do love a rainy day....(set that to an old Eddie Rabbit tune)

Why, it was only yesterday that the sky was breathtakingly blue.  We all loved that too!  Yes, that's January.  She just can't make up her mind, it seems.  We have, in fact, been in favor of most of her choices in weather this year ~ no snow (even though just a tad for a pretty picture or two would have been nice) and no single digit temperatures.  Now, I can't help wondering what February has in mind...  


When cleaning January's pictures off my cell phone, I thought these pictures of the cattle on the horizon were too good to throw away .  I really like the one of the tractor and couldn't help think how much it looks like a toy.  Really, the cattle do too...just like little plastic cows.   My little brother and I would have loved these.

And, how about today's sunset which was also taken with my phone?  For years, I have carried my big old Cannon Rebel around my neck all over these hillsides, but these days, what's the use when there's a phone right inside my jacket pocket. 

Until next time,


Sunday, January 24, 2021

January with the dolls..


Photo from the internet.  (Isn't she lovely...)

Before I take up the brush, here's a quick update on the dolls.  As seen in the picture below, all five dolls now have their hair, which is a major accomplishment for me.  The hair, like the second skin that was applied over the clay, is created from cloth.  How lucky I was to stumble onto just the right cloth that worked really well when soaked in paste.  

When I asked Dan, my closest art critic, which doll was best, he was at first reluctant to answer, but finally chose Riata Millwright.  He said he liked her because she looked so happy.

You may recall from a previous post, that she was the last doll I finished at a time when I had so many other jobs to do, and besides, was just really getting  tired of  sculpting dolls.  I remember saying that I didn't feel that I even knew this doll.  Well, I now do know her, and Dan chose well for she is a real little darling, for sure.

Well, if all goes well, I will soon be dressing up in my painting garb, which looks similar to the picture above (Ha, Ha...I wish!), and will take up my brush.  Hopefully, with the luck of the spirits, my hands won't shake and my patience will be great.  And, it is my promise that the next time the dolls are posted here, they will be out of those dang rusty cans!  :~)

Until next time, take care!


Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Day in January...


I always have great plans for January, but at my age a good fire is better than anything, so I find myself idly sitting before its warmth way too much. Of course I can always appease myself into thinking that is exactly what I should be doing by remembering the words of a very wise old badger from Wind in the Willows.  No animal according to the rules of animal etiquette is ever expected to do anything strenuous or heroic or even moderately active during the off season of winter."  Now if that doesn't excuse one's laziness, nothing will.  

Of course, there are always plenty of chores to be taken care of, and there's the daily trek over the hillside trail to be attended to, for which one must bundle up on the cold and windy days of winter.  I have actually rather enjoyed the bundling up part as of late, for I have a new coat.  It was a Christmas present from me to me.  Well, I had to do it, for old Father Christmas would have never done so well with the shopping.  It was this description that did me in for ordering this coat.

"Stay warm, dry, and protected in this water-repellent and windproof waxed cotton Homeswood Jacket with a quilted insert and Barbour's signature tartan lining for extra warmth.  On really foul days, zip up, snap the storm flap, and pull up the hood.  Four pockets give you lots of options for carrying essentials.  In olive.  

I am very proud of this coat, and hope it lasts me out for the rest of my days, no matter how ragged it might become.  But, I am remembering another coat and the happiness I felt when my mom helped slip my little arms into the little sleeves and pulled up the pretty little red plaid hood.  Of course, my mom made it like she did all my clothes.  It was the hood I was so proud of - the first I had ever had.  On the back of the picture Mom had written, "Mary in the snow."  Well, I don't see snow in the picture, but if Mom said there was, there was.  After all we had snow yesterday - snow and wind like a little blizzard, but none accumulated on the ground.  Millie and I walked right through it and my Homeswood Jacket kept me toasty warm and dry. 

I hope all of you are staying toasty warm and dry.  Take care!  


P.S.  I do wonder what kept those poor little bare legs from freezing.