Tuesday, March 10, 2020

As new flowers begin to bloom...

As new flowers begin to bloom (Or. are they weeds?), we are still enjoying a bit of color from last year's flowers which I dried when the first frost was knocking on our door  The blues are the best, and, no doubt, my favorites.

The 2020 Spring Hummingbird Migration Map is already showing sightings right here in our neck of the woods.   Wow, and so early!  When, I saw that, I rushed right in and made a big batch of sweet nectar.  Now, come on little Hummers!  We are ready!

I continue to spend any time I can dabbing clay or pulling weeds, and, believe it or not, am making some progress on both counts.  I have given all the dolls eyes now, so they continually seem to be watching me.  They all have their own little personalities, as I knew they would.  I love them all.  However, they have left me such little time for working with needle, thread and cloth, but yet, I have managed a little each day and have one little dress to show for it.  The cloth it is made from was a gift from a dear friend.  Thank you Lil' Red Hen!

All winter long, I have admired the jigsaw puzzles that several of you have put together while the cold winds blew and the snow came down all around.  (While we had almost none.)  Often times, I have winced when I thought of those beautiful pictures being taken apart and put away for who knows how long.  Well...Take a look at this!

One thousands pieces.  Glued down and framed.  But, not by me.  I found it a couple of weeks ago at my favorite Antiques and Collectibles Mall.  I didn't buy it that day, but all that week I kept thinking about it and remembering those wonderful rich colors.  And, I had just the perfect spot for it.  The next week I brought it home!  But, I do hope the bear was not harmed!  Or the ranger, either!

Thanks for stopping by!  Take care!