Wednesday, April 7, 2021

A Day in April and so much more...


Before Millie and I headed over the hillside trail yesterday, we first walked down to the old garden to see what we could see.  And, how glad we were that we did.  It was one of those days when everything seemed to be at its best.  It was here on the rocks around the little garden pond that my granddaughter and I sat, and my little grandson fished, in the pictures I posted last week.   

Bleeding hearts are blooming here and there amongst the fading jonquils which have brought new life to this part of the garden.  I am so thankful these little jewels have survived here in the wild.

The Carolina Buckeye needs a few more days before it will produce its trumpet shaped blossoms that the hummingbirds so dearly love.  It is then that these little birds will come, for by that time the honeysuckle's sweet fragrance will fill the air beckoning them to come.   But even now, I have been seeing a few hummingbirds but they seem content to drink and go.  They have a long way to go and a short time to get there as the old saying goes.   

Carolina Buckeye

Flowering Dogwoods

Then, back on the hillside, Millie and I had to weave our way through the cattle that had come to graze along the trail we walk.  They know us well and don't mind our being there (unless I carry an umbrella).  Yesterday was our 47th walk since having had to miss a day when the very cold and snowy February snowstorm kept me holed up inside.  Looking back I wish I had found a way to get over that trail even though the snow was deeper than my boots were tall.  It has been such a disappointment to have to start over after a record of 1,314 days.

I have been cutting my own hair since all the salons were closed for so long.  Here I am looking in the mirror and contemplating whether I should make an appointment for a professional cut.  I had to laugh at myself when I thought of how I seem to have a thing those little side thingies.  You will remember that I gave some of the dolls a knot of curls there too.  What's good enough for a doll is certainly good enough for me. Linnie loves her side thingy and is happy to be modeling it for us below.  

Work on the dolls has slowed to a crawl since I have been spending a great deal of time outside these beautiful spring days.  I am currently giving all the dolls a body suit of sorts, or a second skin as the pattern calls it.  I cut the suits from an old set of linen napkins I once found at a resale shop.  The sewing is a bit tedious and at times I have had to use a circular needle.  That's what I call slow stitching.   


This is probably my longest post ever, it seems there's just so much wonderfulness going on now.   I just can't leave without thanking a couple of my blogging friends for all the wonderful cards and gifts that they have sent my way.  Who doesn't love handmade paper and Eco dyed tissues, or hand-stamped cards filled with wonderful handwritten words?   I just can't say enough about these magnificent  gifts that have come to me in a rusty old mailbox at the end of  our country lane...just like the good old days way back when!

But, it's the dolls that have hit the jackpot with the old pieces of fabric and lace.  If only you could feel these old pieces of cloth.  They have such a fine hand as old seamstresses might say.  Nothing these days can come even close to that feeling.   I can already imagine these beautiful old laces edging the hems of petticoats and pantalettes for the dolls.  Oh, my goodness, I feel so spoiled.   

So, thank you both so much, and thanks to all of you who take time to stop by our Hilltop to say Hello.  Take care, and   

Happy Trails to you all,

The first hummingbird...


  1. Your dolls are so amazing! Cannot wait for our honeysuckle to bloom as our hummers love it too! Janice

  2. What beauty there is in your old garden, it seems to me it would be the perfect place for a photoshoot of your new dolls as they are completed. A bit mysterious and old fashioned at the same time. Spring is such a beautiful season there!

  3. Such beautiful flowers.
    Love the picture of the cattle with the sky in the back ground.
    I could never got my own hair but Ken does a pretty good job.
    The work you do with your dolls is awesome!!

  4. I have heard our first hummer, but not seen it. And oooh, the feel of old fabrics in the hand. I didn't realize you missed a day of walking. I think what you've done is incredible and am glad you are well and able to continue walking once again. With storms like that, sometimes it's better to be safe. Have a blessed evening~

  5. Your hair looks fine to me. I like the way you arrange it and have tried something similar with mine but after only a short while it all falls down no matter how many pins I use.
    With the milder weather one can't help but want to be outside and inside projects get set aside.
    I have never heard of Carolina Buckeye but it sure is pretty.

  6. Linnie is so beautiful - of course she is, she has a blue dress! What could be better. I'd like a blue dress just like that.
    The stroll through your garden is a delight - we're just starting to see a few spring flowers here.
    And - what wonderful friends that sent you perfect inspiration for your dolls...I'm sure you will do everything the best sort of justice.

  7. You are so detailed with your dolls. I'm always amazed at all you do with them. Your walking streak is amazing. Everything is so green and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I so love coming and finding a post from you. I sure hated that you were snowbound that one day, after going every single day for so long. I am loving your bleeding heart and the dogwood...they are gorgeous. I cant wait to see all photos on my computer...

  9. Sorry that you think you have to start over counting the days you walk without missing one because you are really continuing with a skip that doesn't really matter. Surely your journey is not about counting but experiencing. The photo of the cows in the path is truly majestic! I know how wonderful it is to feel old fabrics. As for hair - I'm not going there! You should see mine! or NOT!

  10. Hi Mary. You have been fortunate with your gifts. I am sure you will put them to good use. I love seeing the doll on your mat. It gives us a better idea of what size your dolls are. Your gardens are blessing you with beautiful blooms this Spring. We could all use a dose of that right now. How wonderful to see your first hummingbird! Happy Gardening, happy sewing.

  11. Oh my goodness, I enjoyed every word of this post. I LOVE your look! You look like one of your prettiest sweetest dolls. Sorry you and Millie had to miss a walk one day, but oh wow! you are still waaay ahead of most of us. For sure, me! Funny about the cows not liking your umbrella. It is the same here with the goats and chickens and the guineas. It's so funny! They can't stand to see me with a hood on either. Thought about you a couple days ago when the first little hummingbird appeared at the kitchen window. I had to rush and fill a feeder. Take care!

  12. Sandra, after I posted the picture of the doll on the mat, I realized it was a bit deceiving as it is not lined up at the top. The doll is about 18 inches tall. She does have long legs!. I hope all is well there and that spring is coming fast to the northern plains. Thank you for the sweet and encouraging comments!

    Also, Nook you are so right..."It is not about counting, but experiencing." Thank you!

    Quilting Babcia, I love that you think the old garden has a feel of mystery and seems old-fashioned. It really does! The rocks are now covered in moss and lichens so there you go.

    Janice, we have lots of honeysuckle so, I think, that's why we have lots of hummingbirds.

    Happy One, I have tried to get my hubby to trim the back of my hair, but he refuses.

    Lady Locust~ Yes, I know I shouldn't, but I can't help feeling of old fabrics. Also, you are so right about staying safe. It really was way too cold, with a wind chill, for me to be out.

    Granny Marigold, people around here carry a buckeye in their pocket for good luck. When we were living there, I picked them and strung several on strands of raffia. Now, the deer eat them all.

    Magpie M. With your eye for details, I am sure you don't miss a thing in any picture or place. Thank you for the visit!

    Bonnie K. I know your snow holds on for so long in the spring, but I am always amazed at how fast everything grows there after it is gone.

    Rose, I just know you and your camera would have loved to be in that patch of bleeding hearts! They are so beautiful and like strings of the finest jewels.

  13. A wonderful post - No matter how long, I can always know that what I find here will be worth a visit.

    I also like what Nook said about counting. Your snowy day was something to experience, and you did engage with it in a real way, rather than trying to fit yourself into a mathematical "formula" or equation, which is not as fun as having surprises and more common experiences. The day of your interrupted streak is not something to regret, and see, it has given your blogging friends a topic for philosophizing about :-)

    That your streak was not interrupted by a broken leg or other life-shattering event is something to be thankful for, and it's lovely for me to be one more beneficiary of your continued walks in your little paradise.

  14. Mary? I AM always impressed with your work on your dolls...but, I can certainly understand why the progress has slowed with the season. I'd want to be outdoors in the garden, and walking with Millie too!!!

  15. You have such beautiful pinks blooming! So cheerful. It is a beautiful time of year to be outdoors.

  16. What a lovely post! You sparked such memories when you mentioned the fine hand the old fabrics can have. I remember batiste that was almost tissue-paper thin, yet soft and crisp at the same time. Beautiful fabrics, even then, and unmatched today.

  17. Hello my friend! You write so beautifully and the photos are just as lovely. So umbrellas scare the cattle? I can understand that! You are way ahead of us here in NYS as far as warm weather goes. Our hummers won't be along till mid-May. It's always a celebration when they arrive! I do cut my own hair but it's so long it's not very hard to do. I always cut my husband's hair-but that's easy too, with the clippers. Will be emailing soon!

  18. Your surroundings look so mellow and settled, as though the plants are happy to be where they are. I a, hoping to plant bleeding hearts this year, I have two waiting in pots for the cold to be past, and then I shall just have to hope, as they have not settled in this garden before. Perhaps I will nurture them better this year!
    I too have been having multiple visits from "the hairdresser in the drawer", however often I trim, there always seems to be some bit awry that I have missed. I have to make myself stop or I should be quite bald by now

  19. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing the sap rising in nature after a long, cold winter. And receiving fabric and lace and other wonderful goodies by mail must be the second closest thing. I think that is especially true for those of us who have lived long enough to know a time before email and internet.
    Enjoy all of it, as much as you can!

  20. Just loved your post today. Your flowers and yard and the areas that you and Millie walk are always so lovely! I love the way your hair looks! How right you are about the feel of old linens and how wonderful that they can be repurposed into something as beautiful as your dolls and their clothing! Love that little hummingbird!

  21. I love the way your hair looks! How lovely your flowers and area always looks! Old linens are so wonderful for creating things with and how lovely your dolls look!

  22. Hi Mary, I don' t know how I missed this post-it didn't come up in my reading list til tonight.
    a beautiful post, I enjoyed everything. I miss our hummingbirds so Larry set me up with a way to hang up a feeder off our deck. It needed to be up high to hopefully keep the night critters away from it, and in a spot not to draw ants to the house.
    Your dolls are amazing. a work of love.
    For some reason dolls always freaked me out-don't know why-little people trapped or something. I did have a Toni Doll that my Mom had made an entire wardrobe for when I was a kid-still have it but left it at the woods house to sell.
    I admire your craftsmanship-they are amazing.
    a few years ago I tried cutting my hair and I really messed it up badly so I don't do that anymore-yours looks nice though.
    Happy new week

  23. Your dolls are amazing. I love the beautiful photos of the flowers. What an interesting posting.

  24. Our hummers came in this week! Yay! Nook is looking for you today!