Thursday, September 23, 2021

Yay for Fall and Jacket Weather...


I was out the door early, this first morning of fall, but was right back inside the door just as quickly ~to grab a jacket.  Forty-eight degrees was a bit too chilly for these old sun-tanned arms that haven't seen a full sleeve in such a long time.  Yay for fall and jacket weather!  The twins were on my mind, so I grabbed the old gray corduroy and back up the hill Millie and I went.  We have another set of twins in the cattle herd, but  Momma Cow  isn't as fond of one of her babies as she is of the other, and keeps going off and leaving it.  (This is our fourth set of twins this year.  What's going on with that?  A cow usually has only one calf.)  It's the little black one in the picture, the one she is licking clean, that she loves best.  It's not that she hates the little gray one, but she just doesn't love it like she does the other one.

 Both calves had been with their mother the evening before, so I was anxious, this morning, to see if they were still together, and fortunately they were.   It didn't take long to spot the light-colored cow and calf as they were not far from the pond near the trail we walk.  So, our day was off to a good start!    

We had left home without breakfast, so a snack on the trail was good.  There is nothing quite like the sweet  taste of muscadine. That's the taste of fall, I think.   

My spirits were lifted greatly last week when we finally got rain.   When  I heard rain pounding on our roof, a few nights ago, in the wee morning hours, I snuggled in and slept like I hadn't done in a long while.  We were thankful!  Rain is such a blessing.

I spent a lot of time in September cleaning, inside and out.  I put something new (or is it old) by the front door.  Well, it's different to say the least.  The MERCANTILE, which I am calling it, could do with a couple of wee pumpkins on the front porch, don't you think?   When I found this old piece, SALOON was written in stick-on-letters across the front.  It didn't take but a jiffy to pull those off. 

I also cleaned the Shanty and made a few changes on its porch.  There's now a bell for callers to ring, and seating for two when the girls come for tea.

I loved Magpie's Mumblings quote on yesterday's post.  (And how about those adorable little sweaters she is making for her grands?)  

"If I waited until I had all my ducks in a row, I'd never get across the street.  Sometimes you just have to gather up what you've got and make a run for it."

That's me to a tee!  Ha! Ha!  I think I'll get off here and make a run for it while there's still a little time left in this first full day of fall.  Happy Fall to you all!  



  1. Oh, those sweet little calf faces! Reminded me of the hours I used to spend in the barn when I was a kid playing with all the little calves and pigs. I made pets out of all of them. Nothing is sweeter than a baby calf and little pigs are so cute but don't pick them up or they squeal the place down.
    The Mercantile looks as though it was meant to be a birdfeeder maybe? Looks great as a display piece anyway.
    And thank you for the kind words!

  2. How cool to have twin cows!
    It is nice walking on a clear crisp morning. I'm supposed to be walking in one of those mornings tomorrow!

  3. Happy Fall! I love your new bell and your new saloon. sounds like a lovely day. We have had rain off and on all day to day. I would pour and then the sun would come out. We have had cool mornings perfect for a walk but it warms up during the day.
    I love fall and hope we have a nice long one.

  4. Awww...such cute lil' calves...I miss those days. Such gentle souls they are...but how their rough little tongue tickle. I can still remember that feeling! I love your little Mercantile addition but, yet, pumpkins are in order!! Then again, I don't many things that can't be improved with some pumpkins! Love Magpie's quote....oh, that is so me as well. Have a good weekend ahead... Supposed to be perfectly fallish here in these parts. Hope Mama Moo comes around to loving her two a bit more equally. ~Robin~

  5. Four sets of calf twins is amazing. Hope that momma cow will grow to love her little calf as much as she does the other one. Your shanty looks quite welcoming. I love the seating for two and the bell ringer. That is a good find at your front door of your house; little pumpkins will be the perfect touch for your "little" shanty building/bird house. We have been busy in our backyard; prepping for the colder weather. Leaves are turning yellow; and slowly falling onto the grass. So happy you got some rain. We have been in "exceptional drought weather"; now down-graded to "extreme drought". We need a good 6 inches of rain or more; everything is so dry. (I am taking a blogging break, probably for the rest of the year. Just too much going on. Focusing is hard. I will follow along and comment; just not posting anything from myself right now). I enjoy visiting with you. Take care.

  6. Fall here too. Love your photos!

  7. A really nice post with the mamma cow, new porch items and your autumn welcome. I don't share your enthusiasm for cooler weather and jacket time, though but do anticipate the different colors coming before the whiteness!

  8. How wonderful that the autumn rains have begun for you. On the other hand we are getting anxious for some sunshine as we've had way more rain than usual this summer. Creek was way over its banks again yesterday. We thought the hummingbirds had departed but some showed up again yesterday so we were happy the feeders were still in place for them. When do your hummingbirds depart for their wintering home?

  9. What a wonderful post. God bless you richly for worrying about that little gray calf. I am glad the momma had not left it behind. I love muscadines so much. I have two vines, planted two years ago, but no grapes yet. It isn't really the climate for them, but I hope they will manage to get established. Your porch looks cute, and a pumpkin would be a great addition to the adorable mercantile!

  10. I like the Mercantile. Did you make that sturdy stand that it sits on? I can see myself decorating that little porch for different seasons ( starting with some pumpkins). A few years ago the grands and I make some pumpkins with 2 ingredients: Applesauce and cinnamon. I still have one and it's the brown one in front of my dollhouse a few posts back. Still smells good too.
    I hope that cow begins to like her calves equally. At least she doesn't prevent the less-loved one from nursing.

  11. Wow! Four sets of twins! We never had a lot of cattle...usually 6 or 8 cows, each one with a name. And in all my growing up years, only had two sets of twins, and they were from the same cow! A couple or three years apart.

    Love your decorations.

  12. I will gladly send you some rain. Its been raining so much here, our beloved blue river is a muddy brown color now. Four sets of twins is a bit rare. Too cute! Janice

  13. It's cooler here too-I love it. Your twin babies are adorable! I hope Mama will always let the unfavorite one nurse...Your home is very pretty-I love how you decorate.

  14. I LOVE your shanty! My parents ranch and some years they will get several sets. Glad your cow continued to claim her calf. It's really the pits when they don't. Your photos are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Your decorations on the porch are just awesome! I love the cute twin calves. You live on such a beautiful ranch.