Friday, November 22, 2019

Around the Next Bend...

This has been a week for cleaning.  Next week will be a week for cooking.
  I had rather be cleaning!   Actually, I can think of a couple of things 
I had rather be doing other  than cooking or cleaning!  But, it is always
 great fun when the kids all gather round for Thanksgiving Day. 
 We have all been blessed and are truly thankful for all those blessings.    

It was such a beautiful, warm and sunny, week that I could hardly
 stand to stay inside.  I kept wanting to just bolt out the door and forget 
all about the dusting and mopping.  Millie didn't help matters any, either,
 when she kept going from window to window staring at me through
 the glass.  I know what she would have said if she could talk.  In the
 end, she would win, the cleaning would lose, and away we would go.  

One never knows what might be waiting just around the next bend.  We are good with whatever it might be as long as it is friend and not foe.  The calves sometimes want to play with Millie, but I have trained her not to participate in their play.

And, around the next bend there was the buck we had been seeing
 quite often.  He wasn't afraid of us at all and allowed me to take a
 dozen pictures.  He may have just wanted to show off that nice rack.
  He is definitely a nice eight-point buck, and would be a nice trophy
for some hunter to take home.  

These were the same girls that we had encountered 
a little earlier.  It hadn't taken them long to make their
way over to fresh hay that had been rolled out.  (Say, 
that hay looks mighty good, even if I do say so myself,
almost as good as shredded wheat.) 

From every book I read there is usually something that is 
especially meaningful to me.  From O Rugged Land of Gold 
written by Martha Martin (and recommended by bogger 
friend, Rose), it was this passage, which seems so 
appropriate at this time of year.

"I was raised in a religious home, but I had to live in the wilderness to
 experience the meaning of faith.  In the States, I accepted what my
 people believed, conformed to what was prescribed, and bothered my
  head no further.  Here the slate is wiped clean of all creeds and doctrines;
faith is stripped down to the fundamentals; and it becomes clear that 
 all religion is no more and no less than the human soul reaching out to
 the Creator; that the individual, alone, of his own free will and accord,
 must do the reaching.  For me contact with God comes through his creation;
 the forests and the hills, the winds and the tides, the birds of the air, the
 creeping things upon the earth and the fishes in the sea, the starry heavens,
 the loyalty of a friend, love and devotion, faith and work, honor and awe."
devotion, faith and work, honor and awe."

I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving..

Until next time,



  1. That's a great passage that you quoted from the book O Rugged Land of Gold.
    I think I might have been totally overwhelmed with pure joy to stand and gaze at that buck who obviously stood there for a while since you were able to take a number of photos. Wow! What an experience.

  2. What wonderful walks you two have. And a lovely passage indeed.

  3. You write: "contact with God comes through his creation; the forests and the hills, the winds and the tides, the birds of the air"....I say Amen!!

    Beautiful photos. Give Millie a little lovin' from me, and have a blessed thanksgiving.

  4. I am with Millie. Let's go outside and look around the bends to see what we can find. That is a trophy buck for sure! My aunt and uncle in Georgia raised Black Angus cows. They were the farm managers for a big ranch down there. Happy Thanksgiving, and even though you have to cook, I know it will be enjoyed by all. Janice

  5. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone saw the Creator in his creations? We would be more careful the earth and the living things that populate it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Sure did enjoy seeing all the pictures from your walk.
    I got to walk in the sunshine this morning!!

  7. What a great see deer and cows. I envy Happyone her sunshine...we have not had bit today. Rained lightly most of the day.

    I noticed that passage in the book. (So glad you enjoyed it.) Anyway, I am always thinking that God is the master artist. My mom was always saying how could you look at creation and not know there is a God.

  8. This is the week, isn't it! I agree, the best part is family around. But I have to say that it is kinda nice to have a good motivation to clean the house. :)

  9. Last week and this week are extra busy for sure; but once everyone is sitting around the table all will be good. Enjoy any extra little minutes you find along the way doing something special just for you; like your walks with Millie. You certainly have a lot to look at and enjoy on your pathways! Love seeing the wildlife and such beautiful photo's. I loved what you shared from the book as well. We have snow expected Thursday through Sunday...hope that doesn't interfere with my family coming to stay with us?! We'll just take things a day at a time...

  10. What beautiful photos! Are those your cows? Do you farm? I come from a long line of farmers and I miss the farm animals. I walk around here but not in the woods as there are so many snakes here. Do you have them where you are? I'm not afraid of snakes per se but there are lots of poisonous ones here. I would love to take off into the woods. Maybe tall boots? I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll be alone per usual. My daughter was going to come with the boys but her husband is in the hospital so no go. Just as well as the weather is supposed to be dicey and she would be driving from Iowa and I would worry the whole time! LOL! I spend most holidays alone but it doesn't bother me at all. Maybe because I was an only child? I am blessed I know that and blessings to you and your family too!
    I love that poem/ sentiments exactly.

  11. Always such pretty and breathtaking photos! Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Hi Mary! Happy Thanksgiving! Surely a busy week for me as well. Lovely post and really wonderful photos. You live in a magical, inspiring place. Blessings! ~Carolyn